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Category Archives: Chickens!

Chickens may not appear to have much to do with growing stuff, but their poop is a major constituent of my compost, helping to destroy nasties and break things down quickly in a hot environment (I’ve measure the heap at around 50°C plus!). In addition, they’re great for eating bugs and beasties and any old veg that’s just gone beyond what I want in the kitchen. I recommend chooks for all!

Who’s been eating MY leeks?

The Leek Moth caterpillar and the mess it creates

In addition to the attempted decimation of my tomato crop by the perpetually hungry Tomato Moth, I have been battling a pest which has increased in numbers in my garden over the past few years. This particular irritant is the Leek Moth (Acrolepiopsis assectella). Well, in truth, it’s not the moth itself, but rather its caterpillars and there […]

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