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Get Seedy! is the antidote to stuffy, purist horticulturalists that churn out the same old information year after year without any thought of its relevance to today’s small-scale back-yard and window-box garden.

Without the necessity to have to feed ourselves and if you’re not planning on winning first prize at the local show with your perfect sprouts, then all that’s left is the best part of growing stuff – having fun!

We wouldn’t have the wide diversity of vegetables and other plants we have today without some “What ifs”, “Whys” and “Hows”, not to mention the eureka moments of discovering a new variety that spontaneously appeared one late summer harvest.

So stop listening to the gardening bores, Get Seedy!

Get Seedy! is brought to you by…

Photo of the Get Seedy! author

Seedy Sam – grower of odd veg.

Hi! I’m Sam and I’ve been gardening for as long as I could hold a trowel.

I used to follow my Mum around the garden and get increasingly frustrated with being told when I could and couldn’t do stuff and came to realise that sometimes it doesn’t matter when, it just matters that you have a go and have fun doing it – this also applies to most things in life, so have a go, why don’t you?

I’m also a science geek at heart, so a little experimentation every once in a while is a good thing as far as I’m concerned, and when it comes to growing plants a lot of experimentation is a very good thing; if not a necessity.

Clive the cat sitting in an old fruit box

If there’s a box, Clive will sit in it…

I’ve done degrees in Biology, Chemistry and Ecology and even have an RHS Certificate in Horticulture (darling!), but I’ve learned the most from getting my hands dirty in the garden with six dedicated raised-beds for annual crop rotation, an allotment, cottage garden and pots that grow all manner of plants, herbs, salad leaves and vegetables. All this keeps me very busy during the growing season, but also very happy, especially when I’m trying something new.

My favourite thing is watching the seeds I’ve planted grow from tiny seedlings into wapping great plants and finding odd-shaped veg. I also keep chickens which do a great line in making compost and eating all the nasties, while my two cats help to keep down the mice and pigeons, when they’re not sleeping/supervising…

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