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Get Seedy! Golden Spud Awards 2012

Logo for the golden spud awards 2012

The Get Seedy! Golden Spud Awards 2012

It’s that time of year when all the luvvies of the world gather and walk the red carpet in the hope of bagging a prize as one of the world’s best actors or actresses (amongst other more noble film and TV related careers).

Mr Potato Head next to a red carpet

Some potatoes do get to walk the red carpet...

However, for most humble spuds there is no such pomp and ceremony, which I believe is a

real shame and an oversight, bearing in mind how much pleasure and sustenance they give to the world. So this year, I am putting things straight and introducing the world’s first Get Seedy! Golden Spud Awards.

I grew so many different potatoes last year and I had intended to document them all, but unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough time in the day and trying to sample 14 different potatoes in one sitting when over half of them are still growing is a feat even I’m unable to achieve (or am ever likely to).

However, after some deliberation based on recalled memories and much discussion on the various merits of the potatoes grown in our potato bags, raised beds and allotment last year, one clear winner came forth from each of the three potato categories:

First Early – Anya

A group of freshly harvested Anya Potatoes

Knobbly old Anya!

A modern, high-yielding cross arising from a Pink Fir Apple and a Desiree, Anya is a speciality variety with long, slightly knobbly, finger-shaped tubers that have a waxy cream flesh, parti-coloured skins and a pleasant nutty flavour. Anya also has good overall disease and pest resistance and is delicious hot or cold as a salad potato.

Second Early – Milva

A picture of some Milva potatoes

Milva - queen of the second earlies!

Milva is a nice high-yielding organic variety with long oval tubers that have waxy yellow flesh that is is firm and tasty. These potatoes are delicious both hot and cold and have a flavour to rival the salad varieties. Milva also has very good all-round disease resistance, including blight.

Main Crop – Cecile

Red potatoes drying out ready for storage

Cecile - a gem amongst potatoes

Developed for the European haute cuisine market, Cecile is a long, oval, modern fingerling with shallow eyes that sometimes looks a bit like a pear. Perfect for salads, boiled or steamed, the waxy tubers have a firm texture, beautifully smooth red skin and bright yellow flesh that is ideal for meals requiring that special touch. Very high-yielding, Cecile has good all-round disease resistance, is drought resistant, easy to grow and requires low nitrogen.

So there you have it. The result of the first Get Seedy! Golden Spud Awards 2012. With a whole new set of potatoes getting ready for the coming year, who will be top of the spuds in 2013?

If you love potatoes, tell me about your favourites. You may also be interested in my previous potato posts: All hail knobbly veg! and Another year another potato…

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