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The face of Beanz to come…

A collection of Yin Yang beans

Are these beans having a meeting?

I know what you’re thinking…no, not that, the other thing…yes, that:

“What are those cute little beans in the banner, and just what are they really talking about?”

Well, the first question is an easy one to answer, they’re Yin Yang beans. A rather beautifully dappled bean of intrigue classified under the rather undignified grouping of ‘Dwarf French Bean’. Doesn’t really do them justice does it?

Luckily, we don’t have to stand for the horticultural bores telling us what they really are, we can make up our own definition and I like to think they’re a little more street smart than that, so I lovingly call them ‘Beanz’. (If you like, you can add a Yo! and ‘down with the hip-kids’ hand gesture and pout when you say it, I won’t tell and the Beanz will love you for it.)

Two Yin Yang beans

What are these beans saying to each other?

When they get together they like to have a bit of a party and you just can’t stop them talking, but what exactly are they saying to each other? Unfortunately I don’t talk Beanz-speak, so I’ve had to make it up, but if you have any ideas about what these beans might be saying to each other, just drop me a line (you might just find it adorning these pages if it’s a good one).

Obviously they get up to all sorts of antics and I’ll be taking the odd sneaky picture from time to time to illustrate their quirky nature, so look out for more of the Beanz…

And before you ask, no, I didn’t draw on the eyes. Who do you think I am? Really, to consider such an outrageous suggestion…anyway, no Beanz were sullied, that is just how they are. Those cheeky little Beanz really do come with their own hair-dos and cute faces.

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  1. Posted 8 July 2011 at 8:19am | Permalink

    you’ve inspired me! I’m going to get plants for my campervan home. Who says technomads can’t have green fingers?! Will send you pics when I have it set up. Any suggestion of what to grow? I’m thinking herbs. What would travel well? xS

    • Posted 8 July 2011 at 2:15pm | Permalink

      Hi Selina
      Definitely get Beryl some plants, she deserves them as much as you!

      Herbs are a good start, especially if you can find some small plants to pot up straight away.

      In addition, if you’d like to try your hand at growing something from seed, salad leaves would be perfect too. I can see Rocket in your future… 🙂 If I knew where to post them I’d send you some seeds. How exciting! I’m doing a little jig for you here right now.

      Look out for a nomadic gardening post coming soon…oh and yes, send me some pictures!

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